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Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 5.60 Build 11463 Multilingual penlely




x64 Category:Free software Category:Free diagnostics software Category:Disk repair softwareMay 8, 2014 If you thought it couldn’t get more complicated to eat, try the macrobiotic diet. That’s the take-home message for newlyweds Vicky and Rich Wilson of Buena Park, who found themselves confused and frustrated trying to find a way to feed their growing number of mouths. The Wilsons learned to follow a highly restrictive diet as their bodies gained weight after having their first child. They also decided to base their diet on the macrobiotic philosophy of eating. A macrobiotic diet is one that emphasizes whole, natural foods and limits processed foods and artificial ingredients. But it also requires the consumption of a lot of dairy products and meat. “People come up to us and say they would never be able to do it,” says Vicky Wilson. “But we were able to do it, and we’re still doing it.” The Wilsons have been married for four years and have four children. They say that while they do eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, they eat a lot of dairy, too. “We have six to seven different kinds of milk every day,” says Vicky Wilson, who works in customer service. “We eat fish, like mackerel, sardines, crab, shrimp, scallops, clams, and calamari.” Rich Wilson, who works for the city of Buena Park, says he eats a lot of chicken, turkey and turkey bacon. “There’s nothing wrong with eating meat,” says Vicky Wilson, who also runs a healthy-eating blog. “It’s just that we don’t want to waste any.” The Wilsons did not use a food journal to track what they ate, but Rich Wilson says that for them, it was important to avoid processed foods. “It’s harder to get into that state of mind when you’re relying on processed food,” says Wilson. “You’re just eating what you can grab.” Both Wilsons say that eating this way has made it possible to eat healthier while maintaining a balanced diet. They both work as a team to plan




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Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 5.60 Build 11463 Multilingual penlely

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